Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Down time

When we got home from Marion very late Saturday night, I was facing a delightful 11 day "break" of sorts. Hopefully a break of the relaxing kind which would also allow me to make some art and replenish inventory. I have a massive "to do" list of course, mainly related to the business. Along with that I also had a grandiose plan to resume my exercise, catch up with friends and regain some balance in my life. All while pursuing my new "in the moment" mantra.

Yesterday, during a session with my coach, it was an aha moment........I heard myself talking and it was so type A personality was trying to tackle balance with a vengeance. I would conquer it no matter what, using every fiber in my being, scheduling myself to the max. By God, I was going to be in balance if it killed me.

Huh? It hit me, doesn't this kind of defeat the purpose if I struggle to attain perfection in my balance!??!?!?

Ok. Back to the drawing board for a new plan. Be gentle with myself in pursuit of balance. And stay in the moment.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous6:53 PM

    Again, we are in the same place, same time. I started two weeks of vacation about the 15th, and by the 16th, I had a page-long list of things to do while on vacation. I managed to veer from the list often, and abandon it altogether eventually, but it did take a week.


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