Saturday, May 06, 2006

Pollyanna falters

The show is going well. I suppose. It is cold here. As in *very* cold, possibly record breaking? It sure feels that way. It was 49 when we got up. Not the kind of weather you welcome during an outdoor art fair. Especially when the forecast called for 70.

I brought extra clothes, but not really enough. I doubt it hit 60 today which doesn't sound that cold, but it is damp with no sun and that makes it feel even colder than it is. Plus I am just sitting all day long. Except for when I am jumping to try and generate some heat. I had a stupid amount of clothing all layered up and I still could not get warm. Until I made it back to the hotel and took the hottest bath possible. Now I feel partially normal again.

My shoulders still ache something fierce though. All the cold made me shiver and I was doing this hunchback thing that I am sure was terribly attractive not to mention it caused a lot of tension in my neck and shoulder area.

This is the first show I have had where I seriously questioned my sanity for pursuing this lifestyle. I am just so sore and exhausted. I have had good sales and certainly that is pleasing, but I would love nothing more than to be warm and cozy in my own bed with my sweetie and all my kitties curled up around me.

I've heard it may be sunny tomorrow. We could only hope.

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  1. You poor thing....I feel bad reading your blog while I'm in Aruba. Can you say HOT, HUMID and WINDY. I know...."shut up already is what you'd like to say to me right now, huh?" Oh well...there's the Madison show coming up soon and based on last'll be sweating before you know it. Hugs to you !!!


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