Monday, May 08, 2006

What is the difference between a dog and an art fair artist?
A dog eventually stops whining.

My booth neighbor Marcia Engeltjes shared this with me on Sunday as I was whining about the cold. Of course I apologized for my whining and that's when she told me the joke because there is always so much whining at these art fairs. Typically I am the "happy girl" so the whole whining thing was new for me. I think I could be good at it, but I have shaken it off now and am back to my upbeat self.

Marcia was a great booth buddy and we have already decided to request the same booths next year should we get accepted again (she is in for sure since she was a prize winner for her fabulous leather bound art books). We had a drummer on the other side of us, Paul Namkung and we both were enamored with the steady drum beat, which ranged from wild and uninhibited to more earthy, heart-beat like.

If you had asked me, "would you want to be next to a drummer?" I would have given an unequivocal NO as my answer. But Paul proved me wrong. I loved it!!! Found myself moving (not just to keep warm) to the beat and his drumming created a wonderful energy. He is an amazing guy, living the life you always imagine an artist would live..........a home in a remote area of northern New Mexico. He described it as 8000 feet elevation with crystal clean air and no traffic light for 68 miles in any direction. Ahhhhhh.......

The show turned out great. Nice people, good sales, lovely and thoughtful administration from the staff. I sold an abstract again. That makes 3 out of my past 4 shows. So I am encouraged by that and will continue to put them in my booth along with my collages.

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