Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Where Fredrix trumps Dyson

Remember all my consumer bitching a few weeks back......primarily issues regarding the Fredrix canvasses and our Dyson vacuum? Well, oddly, both have been resolved on the same day. It's a tale of good news and really good news.

First the good news.

We received a call from Best Buy that the vacuum was ready. Actually, scratch that. My step daughter received a call from Best Buy. They are seemingly unable to correct their records (after being told numerous times) to reflect our proper phone number. So, 6 weeks after the original drop off, John went to pick it up. He asked to "test" it since it had not worked after the first round of repairs. He was allowed behind the customer service counter where he plugged it in, turned it on and promptly heard the same loud screeching from before. In other words it was not fixed. Again.

I kind of wish I would have been there at that point to watch the drama unfold. Because my handsome, distinguished, ever-polite husband, who is very slow to anger, hit the wall. You see, Best Buy suggested that the vacuum be shipped back a third time for repairs. They offered to "loan" John a vacuum for a price that would later be refunded. Huh!?!?!

Needless to say John "splained" it to them. In a loud firm voice. He can be scary when he gets intense like that. A manager was consulted. And John eventually walked out with a brand new Dyson vacuum, a newer model with additional features. He is disappointed it had to get to that point, that he had to basically get very vocal and demanding before they did anything. Clearly "nice" doesn't work with Best Buy. And oddly, they did not offer the extended warranty this time, tee, hee, hee.

And on to Fredrix, this is really good news. Well, what can I say.....they have been a concerned company from the get-go, truly responsive to my issues with their canvasses. I cannot even say when I last encountered such a top notch group of individuals. And I am not just saying that cause they gave me a bunch of free canvasses. Which they did. To my utter delight, I arrived home from a meeting today to find boxes of canvasses on my doorstep. What an incredible thrill; basically an artist's dream come true.

The vacuum works great by the way, sucks like a pro. We filled up the entire bagless cannister on our fur stairway alone. But now I best get to work; I've got a lot of painting ahead.

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