Sunday, May 14, 2006

It's May in St. Louis?

It was cold yesterday, damn cold. You might not have thought it was too bad it you were running errands or were spending the day somewhere sensible, like indoors. But after being outside for 11 hours straight, I can state with confidence......IT WAS COLD.

One of the best things about doing a show on my home turf is the ability to pick out my clothes each morning. This photo depicts my morning attire; that was actually the warmest point in the day. Note the gorgeous chenille woven scarf that I bought from Nancy last weekend when I was freezing my ass off in KC.

Later in the day, I "suited up" with a mohair turtleneck, a polar fleece jacket and gloves. Also still wore the scarf wound around my neck. Most of the patrons were gone by then as 50 degree weather doesn't provide the right evening to stroll an art show. The artists were all huddled together in the aisles, no one in their booths anymore. One very smart guy had a tiny portable propane heater. I want one for Christmas.

Despite the weather, I still sold some art and am grateful for the lovely people who came out.
Thanks to Bud for the picture; he was filling in for my "official" photographer, Marian. God only knows how he caught one of my smirks on film.


  1. You poor thing.....I know cold, now that I'm in Wisconsin again, and I feel terrible for you that you were in that many layers for May !! The good thing though, being on home turf means sleeping in your own bed after freezing your butt off...and then having John as your own personal propane heater (LOL)

  2. LOL! The good part is,you are still cute, even bundled up! Now, to have sold in THAT kind of weather should really put a feather in your cap!
    All I can say is, it SNOWED twice here this week, so I can relate!


  3. Yes, it was cold even if you were walking through booths and not staying in one as you were. Imagine my surprise when I saw a certain collage artist eating an ice cream cone! BRRRR


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