Monday, May 15, 2006

Today and every day I feel very blessed

Laumeier is over and we tore everything down last night. It was ugly, very wet, but luckily not real rain, just enough to be annoying. When we got home we had to spread the tent parts out all over the basement so they can dry before we pack up to head to the next show. Ugh, what a mess. The show did turn out profitable for me, not as good as last year but still a success despite the weather.

I sold a couple of my older works including the piece, Are you too Stout? She had been around for a couple years, made as a feminist statement of sorts and I honestly didn't think she would ever sell. But I met the perfect woman yesterday and she fell in love with the piece. That made it extra special because I feel like the painting now has the perfect home. But I also feel a little like I have parted with an old friend.

This morning, bright and early we hit the road for Atlanta, a family trip with my step daughter, her husband and our 2 beautiful grandchildren. Some have called us crazy for attempting so many activities back to back, but this trip was very important to us.

So we drove all day in out little car caravan and are now happily camped in a couple of suites at a lovely Hampton Inn where there is plenty of room for everyone. The main purpose of the trip is to visit the aquarium and Aidan is so excited about seeing Whale sharks. We will do this tomorrow, in fact, Beth bought advance tickets. I am probably as excited as Aidan since I also love aquariums.

Being around these children brings me so much joy.

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  1. Kids will do that to ya.....they really are a gift from God.


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