Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I mailed the commission on Monday and the client received it today. I would love to show you a picture but ding dong forgot to take one. Yes, that would be me. Duh. I was so worried about getting it to my shipper on time I completely spaced. The client has promised to send me a jpg. She is pleased and was quite emotional (in a good way) when she called. It really made my week.

I've been trying to take it easy. I felt half sickly on Monday, almost like I was coming down with something. I slammed a bunch of vitamin C and took a nap. Tuesday I felt better and got the laundry done, organized some things around the house, did a boatload of paperwork and cleaned up part of the studio. Stupidly, I drank coffee late in the day and was still buzzing at midnite. I just could not settle down and slept poorly.

I have been cooking this week. Finally. My darling hubby bears the brunt of my insane schedule - he not only handles his own job during the day, but helps me on the weekends and also cooks for us. Since I pretty much work day and night, I think he realizes his best shot at actually getting a meal is to cook it himself. How sad is that? So now that my schedule has eased, I am running errands and cooking. It feels good to be taking care of him for a change. I love it that we can trade roles with such ease. We are lucky that way.


  1. here's to husbands who understand their crazy, creative, wives!


  2. I'll be waiting for that jpeg! Shari


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