Monday, June 18, 2007

Small packages

I am short. OK. There. I said it.

Really short, probably no more than 5 foot tall although I boldly claim 5'1" on applications and such. I've been told I seem taller, most likely due to my mouth. But I try to carry myself large and during my whole life I have rarely felt short.

In fact, I like being short. There are lots of advantages. When I go to the City Museum with the grand kids, I can crawl through even the smallest cave sections with them. If I cannot reach something in our kitchen, I can jump up on the counter and simply get it down. This is such a normal occurrence for me that I have startled guests by my behavior and my brother even bought me a step stool after he found me standing on my kitchen counter one day.

Yesterday I was unpacking all the art since we don't have another show for nearly a month (woo hoo!!!). I decided to hang some different paintings around the house and create a gallery in the hallway off our foyer. I held the painting so the center of it was even with the top of my head. John eyeballed it to verify (this must have been a real struggle for Mr. Measure), glanced behind to mark where to put the nail and voila, we were done in a flash.

Clearly the best benefit of being 5' tall - the ease at which I can hang artwork 60" on center.

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