Monday, June 18, 2007

Works on paper

I'm getting ready to paint some abstracts and doing small studies as I play with new palette combinations. The texture is tissue paper that I hand dyed and painted. I am totally into green/blue/yellow at the moment. Can you tell?
I made these pieces before Chesterfield last week. The only work I got done really and several of them already sold. Which is a good thing since none of my Common Denominator works sold. First time that has happened. It could have been the fact it was so hot no one could summon up the energy to reach for their wallet. But on the upside - not selling means I don't have to kill myself trying to replenish inventory.
I am officially "off" now for a few weeks as my next show is Krasl on July 14 +15. Anybody in that part of Michigan? Hopefully it will be delightful summer weather meaning I won't be sweating so much it looks like I peed my pants.


  1. Oh, if only our dates could have coordinated themselves! The abstracts look great - I can see why they sold! Hugs, Shari

  2. Absolutely WONDERFUL! The sun is melting on canvas!



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