Sunday, June 10, 2007


How to make a tired artist:
Take two shows back to back. Add one large commission. Throw in a dash of paperwork (entries) and tear down of another show. Simmer with familial and social obligations. Stir with 3rd show 5 days from now.

Seriously, all is good here. I finished the commission in time for the Father's Day mailing deadline. It is great if I do say so myself. When the light is better I will snap a picture.

The show was fine. Not fabulous as past years at CWE, just fine. I did talk to lots of people about commissions, so there could be additional sales down the road. We had a brief period of rain today but luckily got the tent dried out before we had to pack up.

I was invited to participate in an upscale holiday boutique here in the St. Louis area. I'll furnish more specific details later, but I was thrilled for the opportunity.

And.......drum roll please......I am officially accepted into the St. Louis Art Fair. Woo hoo, how cool is that!! Apparently someone cancelled, so I am IN! Which is way cool as now I know well in advance rather than having to wait until the last minute. Very very nice indeed.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS on St. Louis, MB!! I've been waiting for this call....!! Hugs, Shari

  2. Congrats to you on the St. Louis art show.....fantastic !!!!!

    I think you will do wonderfully well there.....just my gut feeling...... after being to that one last year, they need someone like you there this year to spice things up a bit !!!!

    I know without a doubt that that show has the best people watching ever.....those ladies in their high heels walking on those streets after 5pm (on Friday night) trying to look 15 years younger then they are...what a laughing good time !!!!

  3. Yee Ha! Congrats! You should have been in there from the beginning, but this just makes it extra exciting in my book. I'll bet commissions come rolling in as well.
    Way to go, pardner.

  4. good job, sistah! you will rock this show to its core!



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