Monday, June 04, 2007

A new week

I am a delinquent blogger lately. It is so bad that I couldn't remember my logon information, yikes, how pitiful is that.

We just got back from my worst show ever. In Cincinnati, my home town. Where no one apparently likes my art bwah ha ha ha ha. Just joking. There were perhaps 2 or 3 people who did. John, my mom, my dad. Maybe a couple others.

But seriously folks, just goes to show you, I come off that fantastic Belleville show into this. The artfair Gods giveth and the artfair Gods taketh away. Consequently, I take nothing for granted. Not one single thing. Zip Nil Nada. This is one crazy ass business.

My husband and my Mom couldn't believe how well I handled the lack of sales and both said they were proud of me for motoring through. I did take a NAP during the show (a first for me), behind the booth although I guess I could have done it in the booth, with my head right on my desk, it was that slow. Honestly though, what's the point of getting grumpy, upset, angry? I mean that's certainly not going to inspire sales now is it? And I can't stand using my energy that way.

So, onward and upward. Central West End is this weekend. I will have lots and lots of new fun pieces, originals and repros. If you live around the St. Louis area, come on out!


  1. Mary Beth! Is this business a WEIRD one, or what? I love your spunk, girl. Onward & upward!


  2. Anonymous12:01 AM

    Good for you for taking this fair in stide. It is hard not to get one's ego involved in certain situtations. Like Deb said, this is a weird business!


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