Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Along for the ride

My friend Beth wrote about the roller coaster ride of life this morning on her blog and I'll tell ya, I can relate because it has pretty much been like this my whole existance. I remember telling John (on our first date if you can imagine), "it's a roller coaster baby, you need to understand that..." Yee gads its a miracle I didn't scare the man off.

These days, for me, its more like this kinetic sculpture I saw outside a restaurant on the Olympic Penninsula. I cannot remember where on earth we were (slaps self in head) but I was mesmerized and oddly felt as though I wanted to be within the art. It would rotate with grace in one direction then a breeze would move it in another direction all within an instant. Calm would come and allow just the tiniest of vibration - a mere sensation of movement or not, was it moving at all? Then suddenly a gust would cause it to spin.

Yet all was beautiful, order somehow maintained in the midst. I guess that's what I aspire to - when I grow up, I want to be this sculpture. Order and balance in the midst of a wildly changing and somewhat uncontrolled environment.

Art saves me.


  1. Oh my goodness, it's so COOL and it does capture the essence of a modern-day roller coaster ride experience. I happen to be a roller coaster freak! Thanks for showing that great photo!

  2. Wow! Being someone who is very organized and orderly, I loved hearing your creative description. Felt like I was there with you :)

  3. at least your picture works with your post...hee hee !!!

    you know, maybe my life has always been a roller coaster and I didn't pay enough attention to categorize it that way...I would have put it more under the "bumper cars" area of the amusement park...but with what's going on now...holy shit...let me off !!!!

    I'll tell you more next week sweetie !

  4. it was at Nemo's in Port Hadlock....and I was the drunk one!!! How is Merlin??


  5. The way you expressed yourself here is pure poetry, MB. I love that sculpture, especially with the dusk light behind it... Shari


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