Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Earring mania

I've been an earring piggy lately.
I get a little bit of money in my hands (can you say award?) and whoosh, I'm off.....luckily my habit is not too expensive as I tend to prefer fun vs. precious metal and stones.
Anyhoo, here are some of the fabulous things I have gotten in recent days/weeks/months.

The ones at the very top, the elongated ones, are from Greg & BJ Jordan - they were mix and match, which was fun - you can find their website here.
The silver ones with the labradorite stones are by Phyllis, a silversmith from Louisville, KY. I am kicking myself because I can't find her card. She had a booth next to me at Cherokee Triangle and I loved both her and her hubby as they were easy going (and funny!) neighbors. Not to mention they didn't laugh at me when I put my canopy on inside out.
The credit card earrings are by Lisa Vetter of The Art Farm. Can you spell f-u-n-k-y? I love them, especially the fact they say "chase" which makes me smile.
And finally, the birds. They were made by Catherine Witherell of Happy Day Art. She's a friend of mine from Artfest. She actually made them for someone else and I whined until she made me a pair (didn't really have to whine at all as she is too sweet).
Anyhoo, hope you enjoyed the accessory show this morning.


  1. bad is an earring addiction in the scheme of things.....l love your picks !

  2. You think THAT is bad? Come and see my stash! You deserve every pair of earrings you covet. A girl can almost never have enough. They are like ties for men.

    Thanks for getting some from me. You made my day!~

    xo Catherine


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