Friday, May 15, 2009

Momma said there'd be days like this

We arrived in Springfield, IL about 4pm with hopes of a leisurely set up followed by a short rest in the hotel and then a nice dinner. Instead, we hung out in a sleazy pizza joint with a bunch of other artists, drinking beer and watching the horrific weather. Just one storm after another - scary looking stuff, swirling black and gray clouds and high winds. Yuck. We were under a tornado watch (and still are) plus predictions of further storms (yep), high winds (yep) and hail (yep).

Everyone concluded that it would be safer to set up in the morning before the show. Meaning, we now need to get up around 4 am in order to stalk a parking space, schlep all our stuff to our spot, set up and be ready when the show opens. Not to mention I will then have to actually work the show all day long. I predict lots of coffee in my future.

Oh yes, what a glamorous life I lead. I am soooooo glad John is here to help me; thank goodness for that!


  1. ohhh I'm so glad john is there with you....I have some idea how much work you go through to set everything up and I can't ever imagine doing it alone !!!

    and tonight I'll have a little talk with mother nature for you !!!

  2. Insert melody here..."The sun will come out your bottom dollar ther';ll be sun...."

  3. good luck!!! Crossing my fingers and toes for you. How did you get that cute little picture posting of your blog on FB??? xxp

  4. after everyone's weekend, i am glad that i am on a break. i don't miss it. ok, so i miss it a little, but i don't miss the insanity.

    one of my friend's tires got slashed at the washington show this weekend. sheesh!

    hope today is a perfect day for you!


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