Monday, May 25, 2009

Jasper Johns

Lovely photo courtesy of Bud .

Ok, not that Jasper Johns, I am talking about our newest kitty. Named in honor of one of my favorite artists (swoon) and his "Gray" series.

Jasper is about a year old, rescued from a kill shelter over near KC. I found him through the Maine Coon Rescue group, although I doubt he is full MC - who knows and really, who cares, because we already just l-o-v-e him. He is shaking up our household in a big way. Izzy and Gilligan have been shocked out of their geriatric grief and are sitting up taking notice. Gil is playing with toys again (yippee) and Izzy has ventured off the couch to come upstairs every day since Jasper's arrival, this from a cat who normally only leaves her bed to eat and potty. And the peoples are laughing out loud at the antics of this wild man who quietly entered our life to unleash his playful personality, pounce on our bed crawl right into our hearts.

Honestly, its day 3 and I am stunned at how well it is all going.


  1. He's beautiful! I love him already too :)

  2. it sounds like you all are having such a good time with your new kitty. he's so pretty!

  3. Hey, Sweetie. I am so glad you have found Jasper. Great name, BTW! He is a doll (so suitable for his owner, as she is one too).

    How bout a phone call?


  4. congrats on your new furry baby....
    he looks lovable alright and if he's added some life to those other loves of yours....well, I think he's obviously a keeper....a keeper of the hearts !!

  5. he is too cute!! i want one! : ) great name BTW.

  6. YAY! Congrats on the new addition :)
    Nothing like some new energy in the mix! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!

  7. A purrfect family addition. Have fun and enjoy


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