Saturday, May 30, 2009

Weekend update

I drove to Louisville and back on Thurs/Fri to deliver paintings. My friend Marilyn helped me - she and I met the collector and her husband Thursday afternoon to preview and try a variety of works around their house. They bought a 40x40; a 30x40 and a 24x24. Yippee! The paintings looked amazing in their fabulous home - oh my, it was one of those dream experiences where I kept pinching myself that my work would hang in such a location. I want to go back at some point and get some photos.

The drive over was rainrainrain and the drive home was all road repairs, ugh, so frustrating it took me forever to get home. I arrived back here at 3pm and had to be at Chesterfield Arts at 4 for the Studio Night activities during which I hosted a SNL type "Deep Thoughts with Mary Beth Shaw", a visual version of course. I had a huge, wall size board and I traced outlines of people on it, then decorated with symbols, words, quotes, etc. I was in a classroom with 3 other artists who had other activity stations, so we had an energetic crew. So much fun! I will say I was disappointed in the turnout, I mean this was a great community event (free, mind you!) yet attendance was fairly sparse. I soooo want the arts to succeed and thrive in our area yet it seems a challenge at times. I will say the children (and their parents) who *did* come were absolutely delightful and really GET IT!!! Hooray for that!

Tonight is the MO Coalition for the Environment fundraiser and I have 2 tickets. THE PLAN was for John and me to attend then I was going to treat my honey to a night on the town with a dinner celebrating my recent art success. But the Universe has intervened because my ankle is swollen to the point I can't stand well. I have no idea what I did to it, but an art event standing around all night is definitely out of the question. Seems like I will stay home instead, with a bag of frozen peas as my companion. And now my sweetie is pampering me(!) - at this moment he has run to Whole Foods to find some nice fish for dinner.

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  1. Such a busy girl:) -- congratulations on the big sale! -- how exciting!

    Hope you had a great weekend!:)


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