Monday, March 07, 2011

Manic Mondays & another contest

Mardi Gras cookies, recipe from my book
From the left, Mark, Greg (on crutches), Natalie, Julie, me
Michael, Harriet, John in front of the book art
What a great weekend. The book signing was beyond my expectations. This is the Midwest and it is nearly Spring, so naturally there were tornado warnings, monsoon-like rains and hail. Sweet, huh? Everyone who came has a special place in my heart and there were lots of them. I was so pleased because I am the scaredy cat who would have most likely wussed out if I hadn't been the reason for the event. But my oh my did people show up and I feel so unbelievably grateful for that.

Daryl, Will, Leslie, that is my 'usual' display at the left
Saturday I worked in the studio. I was like a pig in.....well, you know? I felt like I had to touch every single surface, I need the studio time so badly. It was good. Beyond good, really. Made lots of 'starts' on a variety of things, so I don't have much to show for it, except big messes on every square inch of table surface.

And Sunday I had a client visit. Special clients of mine, they have 2 pieces already, one fairly  large(shown below), a piece from early in my abstract days. 

"From the Light" mixed media on canvas, 30" x 40"
This is an amazing thing about my collectors - they come back. I mean seriously. I love that. I especially love visiting their homes and bringing art for them to carry around the house and find its special place. So we did that yesterday, me and my clients. It was a lot of fun and their kids even got in on the action. I got to see their thought process and how pieces played off one another and we were all sharing ideas about how the light or wall color affected each piece. Just too much fun and they ended up making some wonderful choices that look absolutely terrific in their home. I left their place feeling all warm and fuzzy and happy about the paintings home.

And, before I leave you today, be sure and pop on over to Seth Apter's blog, The Altered Page. He has written a lovely review about my book and also has posted a piece I wrote about the book writing experience. Plus he is giving away a book, isn't that cool? What a neat guy - I love his blog and can't wait until his book comes out!!


  1. The signing looks like it was great. Wish I was closer. And thanks for the link to the giveaway.

  2. Congratulations on your book...I am new to your blog but I so love your works. Stay and enjoy the sunshine of the moment. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

    Seth is such a wonderful man and friends for all artists.

  3. Wow, I LOVE your abstract art. The colours are stunning :-)

  4. Oh Mary Beth that outfit looked great as does the artwork. Darn, but I'd love to be able to stand there and pour over every square inch of them. Beautiful, your work is so compelling to me.
    To have someone come back and want more of your art is a truly incredible feeling.

  5. would love to see all that art up close and in person. Congratulations all way around.
    So appreciate the honesty of which you share yourself with the world. Your interview about writing you book was inspiring.


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