Thursday, September 29, 2005

Come on out!

I'll be at the Historic Shaw Art Fair this weekend, so if you're in the St. Louis area, come see me. This is the last outdoor show of the year. I am happy/sad about the end of the season. Happy because I get a little break but sad because I genuinely like doing this.

But I am also anxious to get started on new stuff plus I have several commissions already lined up so I do have work to do. I also want to P-L-A-Y with new products; I got some experimental things from Golden and I have ideas, oh how I have ideas on how I might use them.

But first the show......and it's going to be fun. It is in a lovely old neighborhood with tree lined streets and fantastic big homes. The neighborhood association holds the art fair. And the neighbors all seem so into the artists. Hospitality is just top notch; one of the highlights is the Saturday night Artist party which was a good time last year and we hardly knew anyone then. This year I know a lot of folks and a number of my friends are in the show including my art fair mentor, Rhonda, who got admitted off the wait list this morning. Woo hoo for her. She was on her way to a show in Dallas and promptly turned the van around.

So we will set up tomorrow then my friend Sarah will come home with us to spend Friday night here rather than driving all the way back to Carbondale where she lives. I am looking forward to that. We will probably do a little gallery hopping in UCity or perhaps hit the opening of Quilt National over at the Foundry. Not sure what she will want to do. Sarah has two little kiddos and doesn't get a lot of play time. She thinks it will be like vacation staying with us and it probably will be. Hopefully we won't stay up all night since we do have a show Saturday.

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