Thursday, September 29, 2005

Isadore me

After I finished that last post I went to bed to read for a bit. John was already asleep, lying on his side, but facing my way in our enormous king-size bed. Usually Merlin will come in while I am reading and he will plant himself between us, stretching out to his maximum length which is 36" believe it or not. But tonite Isadora stopped by. She has not slept with me regularly for years. When she was a kitten she would try to sleep on my head. And I would toss her down to the end of the bed, over and over we would do this (she is a slow learner), until she finally figured it out and learned to sleep at my feet. Which these days she does sporadically at best.

So it was somewhat of a surprise when she hopped onto the bed and walked right up to me and meowed in my face. She is quite the talker, always has something to say, and is one of those cats who has to get the last word (or meow) in. Anyway, there she is, standing on the bed, meowing in my face. After a little while she decided to stay and took her time curling up between me and John, very close-like. She had her butt to me and was facing John with her little face less than 6 inches from his. And she was still meowing. Not that he heard it, John doesn't even hear when he is awake, let alone when he is asleep. It was so funny I thought I would wake him up for sure because I was laughing so hard but he didn't budge. Which is when I knew I had to wake him up to see his reaction. The only thing is I should have gotten the camera first. I said "John," in a firm voice and he opened his eyes and was staring directly into Isadora's face. She meowed. Of course. He blinked. I was laughing so hard I was crying. And John went back to sleep.

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