Thursday, September 08, 2005

Think we got enough?

Holy cow do we ever have a lot of bubble wrap!!!

I have this thing about my art business, specifically the selling of my art. I believe that, as an artist, it's up to me to establish a "mood" and to make the art available for sale. It should be accessible and affordable. And I should be prepared. Much like Field of Dreams thinking, I go through all these visualizations prior to a show. Make it and they will come. But I noticed that although I sell tons of the smaller size works, I rarely sell any of my larger collages. Oh sure, I sold one at CWE, then 2 at Madison, but none at Midwest Salute, none at Summerfair, none at Chesterfield. And then it dawned on me........I do not have any way to package my larger collages, I don't even own bubble wrap that large nor do I have bags that big. How can I expect to sell something I am not even prepared to package. Well duh.

So earlier in the week I put John on this. "Figure it out," I said, "a way for us to package the large stuff." And as you can see, he did.

The thing is I am not allowed to call him excessive because of this minor incident early in our relationship. It was when his daughter was planning her wedding, with the reception to be held at our house. This was during the first year of our marriage and I was also in the midst of a whole house re-decoration since the "ex" was going to be attending the wedding and this had been her house. John later said it would have been easier and cheaper if I had just peed in every room. But I digress.....It came up during discussions with the caterer, this issue regarding rental of dishes, glassware, etc and plastic vs. glass (Mary Beth does not throw a party where guests drink champagne out of plastic). So let's say it was going to cost $1 per glass to rent champagne glasses. Well, bargain shopper that I am, I ran into a sale at a Glass Outlet and found these fantastic champagne flutes for oh let's say $1.50 each.........and I bought 150 of them. Hmmmm, that was when the "MB can never call John excessive" rule first started.......

So now it looks like we can effectively handle all of our bubble wrapping needs. Anyone need a body packaged?

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  1. Anonymous1:07 PM

    150? We only invited about 50! Now that is excessive. Ha!


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