Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Let me "bore-er-tain" you

This is one of those weeks when I question why I am even writing a blog. My life seems so mundane it’s impossible to believe anyone would want to read about it. The opposite of “entertainment” although there apparently isn’t such a word.

Anyway, I’m up to my usual business of trying to crank out as many 6x6’s as physically and artistically possible since that is mainly what sold last weekend and my stash has been significantly reduced. Mosaics (this weekend) is not my ultimate goal here because I could put some big stuff out and fill the booth, but the Plaza show in Kansas City (next weekend) is the focus.

Which brings me to my pain in the ass computer. Late last week the scanner crapped out on me. The computer failed to recognize it; this had happened before, usually I just unplugged it and it would work when I plugged it back in. Or I would restart and it would be ok. But this time it was dead. My friend photographer friend Greg (who owns all the best toys), has a new scanner on order and offered me his old one which is way better quality than my scanner ever thought about being. So I picked it up Monday and installed it. Worked for about 10 minutes during which time I was a scanning maniac, then all sorts of crazy things started happening…..scanner wouldn’t work….printers locked up.......Word failed……..Publisher and Photoshop wouldn’t load…..basically most of the computer died. Something about a Spooler issue. The broadband still works so I did a bunch of research and I think this is some XP bullshit deal and honestly I think it may have existed before my scanner died or, better said, perhaps my scanner isn’t really dead after all. Whatever, it’s beyond my capabilities although I certainly gave the troubleshooting a good shot way into the wee hours of Tuesday morning.

I can’t tell you how desperately I need a computer to do my work. I scan all the photos then do a little touch up and sizing stuff in Photoshop, then I print on our laser printer. I work with phrases on the computer, pick fonts, size them, print them out. I print the transparencies I use. Yadayadayada. I am up and down the stairs all day long using the computer. Normally that is. After my implosion yesterday (that was when I finally collapsed in tears in front of that bastard machine) I came to the realization I have no choice but to work with the materials on hand. I will not be able to introduce any new photos this week. I will have to use Chartpak rub-on letters for my phrases. That’s all there is to it. And so it goes…….I’ve been working that way as we wait for our Thursday appointment with the Geek Patrol. And thank goodness for the laptop so I can still do email. I know I could probably hook it up to a scanner or printer too but I am a little paranoid right now and want to see where all this shakes out first.

And then John has been sick with an annoying persistent stomach bug. Last week when we were doing set-up he had it and was feeling weak. He kept getting dizzy whenever he bent over and had to sit down a number of times. Now I know this makes him sound feeble and believe me, he is anything BUT feeble, rather a prime specimen actually, and I feel sure the 95 degree heat was also affecting him. I was briefly sympathetic to his condition but basically hoped he would shake it off (which he did) until after he got the tent up.

So, you guessed it, this little bug nabbed me yesterday. Kept working through it the best I could but did switch over to eating bland stuff and even took a little nap. Apparently Aidan had this and I have also heard there is something going around so who knows where we got it. I feel better this morning though so perhaps it has run its course.

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