Thursday, September 15, 2005

Woe is me

You may want to just pass right over this post unless you are in the mood to listen to a little whiney bitch. Because I have had a very crappy day.

It's all about the computer thing I wrote about before......well it is ongoing....John called the Geek Patrol and a guy came out today. He was here for 4+ hours working on our computer. Arrived in one of those little Geek cars, which is a Beetle with a spiffy paint job and was also dressed in the Geek attire which I thought was pretty cool actually. He was here so long I feel like we got to know him. Yeesh. After unsuccessful troubleshooting, he ended up having to re-install our Operating System. TWICE. As in 2 times. We had stuff backed up, but not everything of course, and I just couldn't think quickly enough, honestly it never occurred to me everything would be wiped out like this. So we have lost a lot, stuff that I really liked such as Mah Jong and Tetris. And my favorites folder. This will cut down my surfing considerably. Or perhaps NOT since I will be frantic to find all my old spots again. I do think we still have all the important stuff though like my art biz documents and all my images.

But I have spent the last oh, say 6 hours(!) working on this, loading software, installing the new scanner, trying to get my email accounts all set up and mailing to the right place, that sort of thing. My eyes are about to glaze over. And in the midst of all this I stupidly deleted all the music off my iPod. I am an idiot, this should be in all caps, I-D-I-O-T. Naturally I hadn't backed it up and didn't even think of it really, just assumed all the music on the iPod would somehow migrate back on to to the computer? Who knows what I was thinking!?!? Anyway, I loaded the iPod software, hooked it up and the computer says something like this iPod is linked to another computer (well, not really, but I can see why it might have thought that) so I agreed to switch and boom, bigger than shit, my entire collection was gone. Just that quick. Kind of mind blowing.

So it is perhaps time for me to head off to bed. And to think I have a show starting tomorrow.......


  1. wonder why the pute problems, again? too weird. bummer too. i love the geek patrol commercials.

  2. hey mary...i feel your pain. i am only just now back online after 3 long weeks of zero more day and i would have been weened 4-ever!


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