Sunday, September 18, 2005

It's Slowtime

We are at Mosaics in St. Charles, MO. Nice because it's close to home and the weather has been astonishingly beautiful. Nice also because I won an Award of Recognition, a $500 prize. And that's cause for a big Woo hoo. S-L-O-W sales though; the people have been pleasant and supportive of my art but just don't seem to be buying much this weekend. That is ok though because we are headed to The Plaza in Kansas City next weekend and I suspect I will need all the inventory I can muster up. I actually have a lot of works in progress at home and have been working on some new photos and captions while we have been here at the show.

Plus biding my time with my newset addiction....Sudoku. It is this numbers puzzle which is just oh so much fun!! I have heard there are tons of websites with the puzzles on them and I have no idea which is the "official" site. Our local paper publishes one puzzle each day and I cut it out so I can work on paper, not on the internet. It is fun and challenges your brain. But I have to warn will suck you in!!! And since I am kind of number-impaired, I am excited to find that this interests me so much. I mean it's not Math or anything(heaven forbid!), but at least it's a change from Scrabble.


  1. i checked out the link. i can see where it would be very addicting to work on those puzzles.
    i think next time i'm restless, I'm gonna print one out and give it a try.
    congrats on your award! yeah, maybe sales are intuitively slow, saving you stress and prep for what's coming next.
    how's the pute?

  2. wooohoo on the recognition and the money to prove it! you deserve it all!


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