Thursday, September 22, 2005

When in Rome.....

Eat the Steak Oscar. Oh, I must be confused, I'm in Kansas City. Well, you know what I mean, this is a steak town. And oh boy it was good. There is nothing like a big ol' feast before the show, the last supper so to speak. Because I will be living on bottled water and Kettle Korn for the next 3 days. And wine since my sweet hubby stashes it behind the booth. But we try to hold off on alcohol until a civilized hour such as maybe 4:30 or 5:00. Depends on the show. Last week we were talking about it as early as 2:00. Not a good sign.

Ah, Kansas City. I love this town. It seems so much more cosmopolitan than St. Louis and it has that "west coast" edge that reminds me of home (meaning CA, my adopted home, not OH where I was actually born). I seriously like it here.

We are staying in a "boutique" hotel that is totally adorable. Big king size bed, cozy down duvet, lots of pillows, free internet, gourmet coffee. Meets all my needs. And dinner was lovely, the Capital Grille, I think this is a chain actually, known for steaks. There used to be one in SF on the ground floor of John's office. I had salad and a wonderful steak. Our waiter brought me a flourless chocolate espresso cake for dessert; a little treat for the artist. OMG, it was delish however I may be up all night now. But yum yum. A nice welcome to the city. And our faboo waiter hinted that I could perhaps get a martini TO GO!?!?!? during the show. Lordy, lordy, I have died and gone to heaven.

Our set-up time is 9am. This is a little different as we have an assigned time. We scoped it all out and it's a good thing we did because the streets don't have street signs. But we figured it out and are ready to go. Scoped our spot and we are across from Starbucks. And MAC. Maybe they will give me a make-over before the show? A girl could only hope. It doesn't really get much better than this as far as I am concerned.


  1. Anonymous7:39 AM

    Told ya' so -- about KC, that is! By the way...there will be great booths of "local" food on one of the streets that runs North and South, right in the middle of the event. There will probably be other food places along the "river". You'll be able to supplement that bag of kettle corn with all kinds of goodies!

  2. Hope things are going well in KC! I asked Paul a question regarding you and he said some really nice things...I'll make it a post, so pop over, m'kay?


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