Thursday, January 11, 2007

And even more potty talk

I have already ranted about women's bathrooms - see October entries . When writing the original cell phone post, I imagined a couple different scenarios that I know many of us have witnessed.

Say you are already in the bathroom and your phone rings. Whatcha gonna do?
First choice, hit the mute button so it stops ringing. Second choice, if you're.....well, you know....temporarily indisposed.....let it ring. And thus ends the choices.

Ok, so let's say you are on the phone and happen to be walking into the bathroom. There is one obvious choice here. Stop outside and conclude the call, then do your business.

So last Saturday night I saw a first (you knew I was going somewhere with this!).

I was in a nice restaurant with my husband and friends. After being seated, I got up to go to the bathroom. Another woman was also walking toward the bathroom. We both entered at the same time and, as I went ino the stall she proceeded to make a phone call. Of course I was temporarily paralyzed from the actual peeing process as I didn't want to make tinkle sounds during this woman's phone call. I finally slapped myself in the head, peed, flushed and then washed my hands. As I was leaving the bathroom, the woman concluded her call and also walked out.

She did not use the toilet, didn't wash her hands, applied no makeup. In fact she didn't use the bathroom for any of it's usual purposes. She used the bathroom solely as a place to make a phone call. Oh lordy, lordy.



    You will never know how your pee sounded on the other end of her line! I think this would make a great scene in a movie.


  2. Anonymous10:28 AM

    bathrooms are the new phone booths!
    potty on,

  3. Lol - I love it. Very sweet of you to try to accommodate her! Oh people and their cell phones - unreal! I agree with Deb it would be a great scene in a movie.


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