Monday, January 29, 2007

It's been years since I first saw the Experience Music Project in Seattle. I visited alone since John was working as I played tourist. I didn't own a digital camera back then and film was precious (expensive) but I took so many photos it was nuts. I don't even remember the inside of the museum or any of the exhibits. It didn't matter because I was so in awe of the building that made my visit complete. In fact, I spent more time outside than in.
That was my introduction to Frank Gehry. I had never been an architecture buff. But this structure rocked my world. I walked round and round and looked at every curve and angle. Trees filtered the sun and the cacophonous glint of shape and color was absolutely stunning to my eye.
Tonight we watched Sketches of Frank Gehry, a documentary by Sydney Pollack. Mr. Gehry says he envies painters because he can't paint. Well, I would tend to dispute that; I think he paints with different supplies.
I loved the movie; to hear conversation between these old friends is a treat. They share thoughts any artist will appreciate, ideas about fear and inadequacy, success and failure. Things I needed to hear today.


  1. Where did you see the Frank Gehry documentary? On TV? Rental video? I'd love to see it.

  2. I saw that film a few months back, and it's marvelous... as is his work. I'm equally fascinated with Goudi now... Hugs, Shari

  3. I live near Bard college and have had the opportunity to go to hear the symphony play several times in the hall that was recently designed by Gehry. I think it has been up for 4 years or something like that. Sheesh, and I take it for granted. I have not seen the movie though. Would like to..Patti


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