Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Frequent flyer miles?

All the dead bodies moving around the country is kind of wigging me out.

First there is James Brown with public and private viewings in three different states. Then Gerald Ford, also honored in 3 states. He was President so I can cut him some slack. But James Brown? Sure, I loved his music too, but enough is enough. Bury the man already, oh sorry, I guess they finally did. But I think I heard (this is one of those moments I wonder if I am delusional?) that his outfits were changed for each different venue.

That is so not right.


  1. Oh my...I did not know this about James Brown. YIKES. Made me chuckle.

    I re-veiwed your profile..we have lots in common..almost all of the music, so I have to check out Pink Martini and one other....always interested in new music.

    patti o

  2. LOL re James Brown's outfits. This will probably freak you out, but I just joined a "ghoul pool." You pay $5, pick 40 famous people you think will die in 2007, submit it to the guy who tracks it all, and you're in. They calculate points subtracting from 100. If you chose someone 80 who dies, you get 20 points. Person with the highest number of points wins the pool. There are about 25 people in the pool, so no big money; but it does make you pay closer attention to the news and care about the people on your list.

  3. Anonymous4:21 PM

    Honey, the most fun is Celebrity Death Beeper. You get an e-mail whenever a celebrity crosses over to the 'other side':
    Tacky, but true!


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