Thursday, January 25, 2007

Here comes the Judge

There are a couple local arts organizations that I support without fail. I have a membership at both Chesterfield Arts (which is located a few miles from my house)and Art Saint Louis (in the city). These are groups which support local artists, where the employees sweat blood and tears over their jobs to help people like me show their art and get my name out. Do I believe I need to help them with time and money donations? You bet!

This weekend is the annual fundraiser for Chesterfield and I donated a piece of original art for the silent auction as I do every year. You may recall last year my donation won 1st prize which was not only a delightful surprise but financed my bidding and allowed me to acquire a terrific piece by another local artist who I adore, Paul E.

By virtue of last year's prize, I have now been appointed to the team of Judges for this year's auction. Today is the judging and I am so excited as I have never done anything like this before. The others are more experienced and I will try to follow their lead. But knowing me, I will blurt out whatever pops into my head and soon find myself with foot in mouth, in over my head. But that will be water over the bridge as they say (or not, I always butcher these cliches, much to the amusement of my companions). Whatever I do I know I will approach it with gusto and passion. And may the best artist win.


  1. How cool - congratulations! Hope you have such a fun time with this today!

  2. ohhhh..HOW FUN and exciting. Make sure and let us know how it goes...what an honor to be a judge !!!

  3. You are so funny, MB... it's water UNDER the bridge, not OVER. We don't want a giant wave coming along and wiping everyone out now, do we?!!?! Big grin and hugs, Shari


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