Sunday, January 07, 2007

We went to see Dream Girls yesterday and all I can say is go see it. Seriously, just go. It is good, really good. I wasn't even sure I wanted or needed to see the movie as we saw a great stage production of the show last year and I was quite content with that. But I am really glad we went as I tremendously enjoyed it. I think I probably need to buy the soundtrack because there was even more great music that the stage show including some tunes that will be excellent in the studio when I take my dance breaks, tee, hee, hee.

Speaking of music, I got an excellent CD for Christmas. The group is Paris Combo, the CD is called "Motifs." Super music, very upbeat and terrific for painting.

In other news, I have been working on new things, paintings that are a total departure from my usual work. After weeks of a creative block, I finally ventured into the studio and even got into a "zone," which resulted in some cool work that pleases me. I am not quite ready to go public yet, but stay tuned and I will post pictures shortly.


  1. so glad to hear you're back in the groove!


  2. MB-
    I cannot WAIT to see your new work. I'm trying to imagine what it might look like. MORE TALENT!




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