Monday, January 22, 2007

Good good good good vibrations

The Daily OM today talks about Joyful Flow and the message is so appropriate for me right now. I would love to copy their email over here but no portion can be copied without permission and I want to respect them in that regard. You can go to their site by clicking the link to read it for yourself if you wish. But here is the MB notes (not to be confused with Clif notes) version.

Feelings vibrate. Anger, guilt depression at low vibrations; happiness and positive feelings at high vibrations, hence the phrase "good vibrations." So the Beach Boys had it right. Clearly, we feel better when we are emitting the good vibrations and when we are around people doing the same. When we are in this state, we feel more optimistic and energized and thus capable of manifesting our dreams.

I spent Saturday with a group of people all emitting good vibes. We went over to one of my collector's house. Actually it is a house she is trying to sell and she wanted to stage it with original art. She loves to support local artists and had this idea to rent art from us so she gathered some people to bring their art around on Saturday. She has a gorgeous home and the setting was amazing, just the kind of place where you long to see your paintings hang.

It was terrific fun, carrying art around and picking locations to display each piece. My client first picked the ones she liked best, careful to not reject anyone which was so wonderfully sensitive. I got to play decorator for an hour or so as I helped her.

By the end of the afternoon, the house looked amazing, classy and upscale, totally inviting. There were 5 of my pieces on display plus pieces from my good friends, Heather and Greg (click to see their websites). We all were paid up front for 2 months rental, how cool is that!

But the best part of the day was being around a group of people with such great energy. I met some artists I didn't know and we talked techniques which is always fun. My client and her husband are delightful; it was a treat to be with them in a casual setting. I felt completely surrounded by good vibes and my soul drank it all in.

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