Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Gateway to the West

This is the 2nd time I have lived in St. Louis and until the other day I had never been up inside The Arch.
If you've never done it before, The Arch has a tram system built inside which allows you to ride to the very top. The tram is made up of tiny "pod" cars that rachet the entire 630 feet up to an indoor viewing area where you can peer out windows on both sides and if it's clear (which it was), you can see for miles. A bird's eye view so to speak except I don't think birds fly that high.
And what a way to contemplate the beginning of a New Year - looking out over the land and celebrating an amazing warm December 31st day. I wish I had such a crystal clear view of the coming months, but I guess that would take away all the fun.


  1. Anonymous7:49 PM

    It's the freakiest elevator ride, ever. Small comfort knowing my brother-in-law was involved in the replacement and update of the whole system several years ago. It's still a claustrophobic ride. Well worth it on a clear day, however. Congrats on your first trip into the sky via the Arch.

  2. Hi Mary Beth, and Happy New Years! My Dad took my brother and I up in the Arch before we moved from St. Louis to AZ in 1970 - I can still remember that ride! Everytime the machine would stop, and then start again as we went higher and higher, my brother and I just laughed - I guess we thought it was funny, and forgot to be scared LOL! Hope you & yours have a wonderful 2007 - I love your amazing artwork! Peggi

  3. just testing as blogger threw away the message i just tried to leave you.....

  4. funny...I've also lived in St. Louis twice and no rides for me to the top of the arch.
    So glad you are back...(no new posts for awhile and I was wondering where you were)
    Any new shows for the new year that we should know about so that John and I can stalk you ?? It just isn't the same now that we don't live close to each other anymore. Happy New Year's hugs to you and John !!!

  5. Anonymous1:10 PM

    We call them dryer drums with seats. It's a bit more comfortable than riding in an actual dryer drum, though.


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