Friday, January 19, 2007

Sunrise dreams

When I was down in Florida for the last show of the season I met a couple who wanted me to do an abstract commission for them. They are lovely people, the kind of people I could call friends if we lived closer and could hang out.
I haven't really done any abstract commissions before; all my custom work tends to come from my Common Denominator series. Where people furnish family photos and then I make a collage painting.
But I visited their home, took some photos, saw "the spot" and felt I had a pretty good feel for what they wanted.
Then the holidays hit and I was thrown for a loop. I really intended to ship the painting well before Christmas but one thing led to another and it simply didn't happen as I was so busy and simply felt too blocked to paint. I did stay in touch with the clients. I explained the situation, then sent them a holiday card and told them it was a top priority for the new year.
Voila. Here it is. Shipped out early this week, received yesterday and they are over the moon about it. Whew. I always worry you know. Did I really "get" their ideas? Will it look good in their home? Will it even survive the shipping? Blahblahblah.
This is a 24x30 by the way and includes some interesting navigational maps in the background along with vintage ephemera from their city and state. Plus cool player piano music with the word "Dream" exposed. And these folks really do live a dream, looking out at the ocean every day, with a backyard on a canal. I can't think of a better home for my painting.


  1. Mary Beth; thank you for the lovely commnets about my blog. I enjoy yours greatly too. It is written well and with humor. I still laugh over the bathroom cell phone posts.

    Your painting is wonderful; is it possible to post more detail? I want to see it closer up!

    TOnight is the benefit for my daughter, so off I go.

    THANK YOU xxpatti /pootie

  2. Gorgeous work as always....I mean really, I wouldn't expect anything else from you !!!! hee hee

    I enlarged it, but still can't see the goodies you talked about, but since I'm one of your stalkers and feel that I know how you work, my imagination jumped in and I could picture everything perfectly.

  3. Anonymous10:16 AM

    I'm not one for abstracts, for the most part, but I love this. It looks like a deep golden dream. It's actually an abstract I can relate to.


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