Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I am not big on resolutions these days. I don't know how many years I swore I was going to use the New Year to achieve Balance in my life. Um yeah, well......still working on that one. So I never seriously resolve to start exercising or anything like that.

But of course I do. Except I tell myself I am just trying to rebuild an exercise habit. Last year, during the hustle and bustle of my art fair season, this funny thing happened. I totally fell off the exercise wagon. Not all at once mind you. I first started missing my Monday night Yoga because we were always out of town. Then I dropped my walk/run down to only a few days a week, then maybe once or twice here and there, then one day I realized it was simply absent from my routine.

I was all gung ho to start back last week but The Universe apparently had other plans and dealt me a snarly cold/sinus problem instead. Totally sapped my energy.

This week I started for real, popped out of bed on Monday morning and put my pedometer on the belt of my robe because I am a dork like that. I had already walked 500 steps before I even changed out of my PJ's! Of course the moment I got on the treadmill was when the pedometer decided to stop working so I never saw my total for the day.

To get me all revved up, I have decided to pick a "group of the week." The Ditty Bops are first up because their music is fun and also invigorating; so many of their songs have a superb walking beat. I can walk and sing, sing and walk to my heart's content with The Ditty Bops. But when Sister Kate comes on, oh boy, that's a tough one because it is such a great dance tune. I only hope I don't hurt myself too badly when I fall off the treadmill.......


  1. You go girl! The Universe will always conspire against us in some form or another. But these are only opportunities to strengthen our resolve and grow stronger in our commitment. Keep up the good work! Hugs, Shari

  2. What an inspiration you are...ok,not really...hee hee !!!

    We just made our plans to go to the beach, so I'm getting my "behind" on the treadmill ASAP !!! Yuck....not what I want to do, but it's better then frightening small children playing in the sand !!!!


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