Thursday, November 18, 2010

Can you say Obsessive

Me, oh no. Never. Mwohahaha (evil laugh).
Anyway, last week I went to the monthly meeting of the St. Louis Collage Club and Barb O'Brien, one of our members, did a demo on patchwork  collage pieces. She was inspired by a Cavallini journal; you can click here to see what I am talking about - the Flora and Fauna ones all have patchwork backgrounds that are oh-so-sweet.
These are very easy to make and a great way to use up scraps.
Here are a few I have made and the steps to make them.
Step 1 - Gather a bunch of paper scraps, cohesive colors if possible, also get a few 'neutrals' like text, sheet music or the like. Use your paper cutter to randomly create squares and rectangles of all sizes.
Step 2 - Select a background - use whatever you have, doesn't need to be good paper, I used cereal boxes for mine. Cut to whatever size you want; a bigger one can be a motherboard.
Step 3 - Run your background through the Xyron to coat it with that sticky stuff.
Step 4 - Start your assembly by putting your pre-cut pieces down on the sticky background. Butt them up next to one another in a mosaic fashion. Re-cut pieces as necessary so they fit together.
Step 5 - Trim overhanging pieces.
Step 6 - Embellish with ribbon, Stickles, glitter, doo-dads, whatever.
Step 7 - Cut into smaller pieces, mount onto black paper (if desired, see John's b-day card from my last post) and assemble into greeting cards or just whatever you might want. I think they would make adorable tags for gift giving so I think I will pull all my old Christmas cards and make some tags.

The sky is the limit, this is a fun project to do while watching TV cause it is pretty brainless. And they are just so cute! I adore them. Thanks Barb (and Cavallini) for the inspiration.

Anybody wanna come over and make me stop!?!?!?!??!?!


  1. I love these little collages. They're happy-making, for sure. Good tutorial, too.

  2. Heck no, I wanna come over and play too :-)

  3. i've been making collages like that for years girl...where you been ?

  4. I would love to come over but I wouldn't make you stop! Ha! I would join in the fun!

  5. I am with BJ !Wish you were closer ! We could have a glass or wine and chat while we played...
    I have done this technique before- I also like to sew on them (I just use a good glue stick not the Xyron which would likely ick up the needle). I use cereal boxes too and use my end results as postcards. They are lovely framed on a card though...hmmm, maybe time to get out some Xmas colors...

  6. Yes, I do wanna come over. I'll bring lunch.


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