Friday, November 05, 2010

Rocks, rocks, all the time rocks

You can see that I have abstracted my rocks.
Here are some completed images from my prior post. A funny thing happened while I was working on them. It was last Sunday. I was all wound up, just a bundle of energy, jazzed about my rocks and felt like I was on top of the world just exploding with new ideas. John walked into the studio to tell me it was time to leave for the kids for Halloween. I gushed out about the new work, like I tend to do and John inspected it, then commented, "well, they're not done....."
This was inspired by the Wall around Quebec City.
 Splat. That was the wet blanket I imagined that he threw; it enveloped me. Butbutbut.....I sputtered, then got defensive about how I was trying to be more neutral. Then I got mad. Naturally I pouted during the 20 minute drive to the kids house. 
More Ruggles Mine inspiration - see the little Mica circles? Bought those from Dan Essig when I was teaching at Art Unraveled.
But Monday morning, when I walked into the studio, it was all clear. And he was right. They needed more work. Which I believe I have accomplished. These are now done. I am hopeful you can click and enlarge them, give it a try. Lots of interesting texture.

And yeah, I did apologize to John. Right after I thanked him for his honest feedback. See, he always says he doesn't know anything about this, like he thinks his feedback couldn't possibly be valid. But his heartfelt response is very helpful to me (once my ego moves aside) and I hope my rude reaction never discourages him from speaking his mind. Geez, I know I am a pain but criticism can be tough. And despite what we say or how we behave, we artists have thin skins, don't we?


  1. the abstracted rocks are terrific! the further reflections on ruggles mine interesting too. were the circles punched? would love to go back to ruggles. back to the abstract are you selling it or is it for you? lyle

  2. LOVE these! Love 'em! My hubby is my biggest fan and I know he won't say he likes something if he doesn't, so when he does do one of those, "Well..." things, it is crushing ~ I feel your pain sistah :-) But as you say, they're usually right ~ good thing we have them to step outside of ourselves, eh?


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