Monday, November 01, 2010

I know, I know.......

It has been forever. I apparently took a blog sabbatical as I have been struggling to find my painting mojo, oh where oh where has it gone? Actually, it isn't the mojo itself that is missing; it is simply this thing called L-I-F-E that has intervened.

Lately I seem to find my inspiration at the exact moment when I have to go take a shower cause we have theater tickets. Or it is time for us to celebrate Halloween with the kids. Or even time for a lovely dinner that John has created for me.

These are the rock paintings that continue.....
Geez. I feel ugly and ungrateful when I am like this and I understand why so many artists have chosen alternative lifestyles. Cause 9-5 is just damn difficult. It's not like there's a switch after all and oy vay, if only!!!
Cause you see, I had been telling myself (all year) that I would immerse myself in a new series. After the teaching. After the shows. After vacation. Blahblahblah. It was my carrot, my reason for living (ok, I'm being a tad drama queen about this but seriously).
And more, a closeup of one, see the Mica?

And another, I love this one, I really let loose on the composition.
The inspiration, sitting on my work table at all times.

So here I am, weaseling a little bit of time here and there, between classes and this and that. Trying to find meaning in this pile of rocks. Puttering along like everyone else, grateful and extremely possessive of each and every moment I spend in my studio, always pining for more and feeling the hunger.

Life is good. Bountiful. Wonderful.
repeat three times



  1. HA! Mary Beth it is so funny to come read your post after the one I just posted on my blog where my son asked why artists 'go nuts'. Love your creations and photos. And what cool rocks!

  2. "Trying to find meaning in this pile of rocks." I love this and can only reply with "aren't we all?" I know where you can get more rocks and take the boys for some fun -- Sheppler's in Keokuk, IA. You can dig for your own geodes and they bring around a whole 'nother bit of magic! Trust me, I know these things! :-)

  3. These are already gorgeous!! WOW! I've been in a total rut and not being creative - but painting until I can become more creative. I cherish my time spent creating and it is a physical hurt when I can't seem to find the mojo. Why do artists go nuts? I thought we all started out that way? ha ha

  4. Hello. Lovely work. Warmly, Karen

  5. love them rocks! wouldnt it be nice if the butler took care of all the dumb stuff!we'd all have more time for our "true love"

  6. Very cool! I get what you mean now about the quieter palette. Can't wait to see more

  7. Alas the muse will not tolerate a clock! So many road blocks... stamina vs productivity, the groove vs social commitment, authentic muse vs conciliation. Where does it ever end?
    The carrot is always the actual focus and grace of the creative impetus. Carry on pilgrim!


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