Wednesday, November 10, 2010

When one door closes....

Those of you who read my blog regularly know about the juggling act called 2010. In addition to writing my book; I have taught locally and nationally; I have been a partner in a retail operation; I have participated in outdoor Art Fairs around the Midwest; I designed and promoted a line of stencils; I did monthly TV gigs for Great Day St. Louis.
I wore myself out.
Yep. I just said it out loud. I have been wiped. The juggler whose game never came to an end. Lots of people suggested this would happen to me, but naturally I poo-pooed that. Because I thought that I could do it all. And yeah, maybe I could.....for awhile.....
But you know what?
I'm going vertical now. And loving the red.
I no longer want to do it all. I want to focus on the things that mean the most to me, are intrinsically rewarding; the stuff that makes me jump out of bed in the morning.

So I am trying something new. I am saying no.
Several months back, John and I went to a book signing of Anne Lamott. I love her and had never seen her in person, but I hung on every word and could have listened to her speak all night long. She said something that resonated with me sosososo much. She was talking about how she used to say yes to every opportunity that came along, how she was so scared to say no because it might not be offered again. Uh huh...sounded so familiar to me. But then she finally learned to say no. And....this is the part that got me....she said, "NO is a complete sentence."
I have thought about that a lot.
And I resigned my partnership in the store. I am still exhibiting and teaching there, just not partnering.
I have also decided that I will not do as many shows next year, possibly reduce to only one or two.
Instead, I am focusing on doing what I love. Teaching, designing, making my art, developing new ideas, techniques, products to share with others. Because that is what I love.
And you know what?
My brain has kicked back into gear. It's as though a weight has been lifted. I feel alive and fresh and new, with ideas coming every minute. And the opportunities, oy vay, it is exciting. I will say Yes to the ones I adore and will say No to others. It is such a feeling of freedom.


  1. I too love Anne! She is brilliant! And congrats on your new found freedom.

  2. hooray for you! I know how hard those decisions are. but I know too that you will be a happier person and most important - live to enjoy life longer!

  3. I too have embraced the "no'" - I feel that I'm in good company - knowing that the red-headed whirlwind I like & admire so much is doing the same. Oh - you're still a whirlwind - you're simply riding the wind on your favorite jet stream.

    And you keep on inspiring me!

  4. Looks like you had great experience in 2010, which led you to the right decisions. Why are all our lessons always hard learned (rhetorical question))?
    Good luck and thank you so much for the commenting.

  5. Amen! Well done! A no, is often a YES to you . . .

    bisous, E

  6. "No." I have yet to master that one. I thought I had it down, but judging from where I'm at now apparently I need more practice. It takes some real digging to sort out where true joy exists along with some sort of financial balance.

    BTW the rocks...AMAZING.

  7. i found your blog via your comment on mine... and i LOVE your art!! must come back frequently...

  8. As someone who thinks her week has been busy when we has to leave the house 2 days of the week, I wondered how you did all you did and continued. I am happy that you have said "No" to some things and held on to those that give you joy!! More power to you in 2011 - the Year of No :)

  9. Good for you. So many folks do not know how to say "no." Clearly you've made a great choice. Enjoy it!

    Thanks for your very kind words when you visited my blog. Much appreciated.


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