Monday, November 22, 2010

How about a little trip

Part of the deteriorating wall around historic Quebec City
Chocolate Museum
The Wall

Pastry shop - I had Cafe au lait and a scone
Quebec City street

I never got around to sharing any pictures from our vacation. We went up to Canada, to Quebec City and Montreal, after I taught at Squam.  John flew over to meet me (I had the car) and we took off on a driving trip. I could not tell you the last time we had a 'real' vacation, one that didn't involve work obligations, visiting family, etc.; this was utterly divine!

Old Quebec City is a walled city, the oldest in North America. I was absolutely fascinated by the wall as you might have guessed, me and my rock thing. We walked on top of the wall in some areas and I imagined what it must have been like 'back in the day' when it was needed for protection. Such a concept to think about. Old Quebec City is fantastic for walking; I don't think we used the car once, walked to and from dinner each night which was marvelous and reminded me of when we lived in SF and used to walk oh-so-much, I adore that sort of lifestyle.

And I used some of my very rusty high school French, throwing out words here and there with my abominable midwest accent. I wanted to pretend that I was more sophisticated than I am, possibly of French descent of something more exotic than just being from Ohio, but ya know, I just can't pull that off. Ha!

Basilique Notre-Dame
So anyhoo, After Quebec City we went over to Montreal and had some truly stellar food which for some reason I didn't photograph. We went to one of those uber hip restaurants where you have to know where it is to eat there. Like they have no sign, just a pink light. It was jammed with people, tables crushed together and we sat next to a Canadian couple who were delightfully friendly.

I seldom pass the opportunity to visit old churches as I find them to be the ultimate in eye candy. Basilique Notre-Dame was no exception; for some reason I did not expect it to be so B-L-U-E and it just took my breath away, almost like Van Gogh's Starry Starry Night, that kind of blue with glimmers of gold. Ah, just gorgeous with inspiration at every turn.

My favorite pic
And how 'bout this biker babe? Is she cool or what? I want to be her, perhaps in my next life, that is the life when I will be tall and thin.
I bet she speaks French too.

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  1. Thanks for the little taste of back home ! I am from Montreal, Miss Mary Beth ! So glad to know you enjoyed your trip. So much to enjoy in the two cities you visited. I wish I was as chic as the Montreal biker chick but 10 years in small town NH has worn a lot of my chic off - I feel that when I go home for awhile now. I did get a comment in the Hannaford grocery store not long ago about how my scarf was tied in a "Montreal" way. ;)
    Happy Vacation Memories !


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