Monday, November 29, 2010

Of Girl talk and tmi

Remember the good old days? That was back when I used to say whatever popped into my head. Anything really, seemed like I was full of self deprecating humor regarding my escapades.  And I told lots of stories. Like here and here. Or here.
I was funny. Or perhaps only in my own mind (hmmm, note to self).

Then I started putting myself out into the teaching realm. And for some reason I thought I should conduct myself with a tad more decorum. So I tried to be serious. Talk about art, stick to sharing art related things. Reduce the number of cat stories and certainly eliminate my body issue talk.

But now I'm wondering if you'all (my reading audience, whoever you are) might miss me being a little more loose, showing my true self on occasion, vapid though it be? 

Thus the motivation behind this story. Shared on the day when most everyone else in the Cyberworld is having a sale. But I didn't think of that, so nothing is being sold here, just kick back and get a laugh at my expense.

You all know I have this TV gig on Great Day St. Louis, right? Duh, of course you know cause I talk about it all the time, it still friggin' amazes me that someone puts me on television and that folks actually watch. Or maybe I am simply so enamored with my own image that I am the only one watching the clip over and over, analyzing my hair color, whether I possess the ability to do my own makeup, blahblahblah. Yep, I am that vain, sad to say out loud.

Anyhoo, last Wednesday, I was set up to do my gig and John decided to go with me so he could see the set and meet some of the folks and, well, it was raining and he was going to drop me off at the door. Have I mentioned how much this man indulges me?
It was during the drive downtown when I realized that my front-snap bra had popped open and my, well, you know.....the girls were hanging out. Or down as is the case considering my age and the fact that I breast fed a baby many moons ago. OMG, I couldn't believe it, I mean this has never happened to me before, let alone right before a television appearance I mean Good Lord, like I needed something else to worry about.

KMOV -  set for Great Day St. Louis
Needless to say, I had to go through some unseemly physical gyrations in order to get them harnessed back into place - we were in a moving car after all. It would really be tmi if I told you that whole story but it involved me hunched over in the passenger seat, attempting to move the girls out of the way so I could see the little hookie device, while attempting to simultaneously move the girls back into their place. And to accomplish this entire maneuver without my reading glasses which I sadly need more and more frequently, that being a topic for another day. All while trying not to attract the attention of fellow travelers.

So we get to the show and I can't shake that nervous feeling it might happen again which is when I shared my story with Deb (she being the person who gets me miked up which often involves clothing adjustment hence my personal relationship with her). She absolutely snorted out loud, "Shut UP, girl, you gonna improve our ratings!!!"

And so the show pretty much went downhill from there. You can see for yourself as I glue a portion of the project to the tablecloth. And Kent Ehrhardt, the host, cracks me up, as usual. Watch the clip and pay attention to when I say "you need to grab your little drawers." Tee, hee, this one will go down in history, but at least there was no ahem 'poppage' during the show.


  1. Anonymous11:06 AM

    Oh my - so funny... "you got a bandaid?" I'm just rolling in the floor over here!

    Loved the story and adored the clip!!

  2. crack me up !
    personally, i think that guy loves it when you show up for an art project !

    i think i would have to make a larger i could fit full sized candy bars into my drawers :)

    "oh no she dint".....LOL

  3. Love the girl talk !!!! So glad your wardrobe malfunction happened in a way that let you keep your dignity, girlfriend ! And brava for the tv performance. You Rock !

  4. Great clip. Sounds like a fun project to do with my grand daughter.

  5. You are hilarious! Thank you for the laugh!


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