Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Am I done yet?

I am about to glaze over from computer work. After being in the studio a large portion of the day, I hit the computer tonite to first work on phrases and now I am completing some applications for next year. It's hard to believe I am already planning so far ahead, but its absolutely necessary because the deadlines for a few shows come up within the next two weeks. Plus I wanted to enter a couple local juried competitions which are due and that is finally done too. Only two more apps and I will be current up to Oct 1. And this is just the beginning.

We are having lovely weather here. My walk was very enjoyable this morning. I can hardly believe there is such low humidity. Is this really St. Louis in August!?!?!

Grandkids are coming for a sleep over tomorrow. John will pick them up from day care while I am at Yoga so I will miss the dinner part of the program and I feel bad about that but not bad enough to miss Yoga of course. Seriously, John has urged me to go to Yoga, probably because that helps keep me sane which makes his life more manageable too. I did talk to Aidan on the phone today and he seems excited about the sleep over. He said Ian was coming too which of course I knew but it was cute to hear him say it, like he is bringing his little brother along.

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  1. I need a personal assistant that is even just a 100th of how together you are!! notice i don't envision myself in that role! HA


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