Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Back at it

We got home Sunday night and are trying to get back into a routine. On the drive home I kept wondering about the cats and sure enough there was one small batch of poop in the dining room, groan. It was on the other side of the room which means my orange spray strategy must have worked at least in one area. However, due to the fact it was in a different spot, I didn't see it and of course stepped on one of the little petrified turds with my bare foot. Welcome home.

Then John noticed that the fountain the cats use for their water dish, yeah, yeah, I know, who provides an artisan made pottery fountain for their cats.......well, let's just say that wasn't our origianl intent.......anyway, the fountain was dirty, the bottom was very scummy. So I think there is a chance the cats may have just been pissed about that and were trying to send us a signal. John cleaned the whole thing out yesterday which is no small task considering the multiple pieces, including the pump and all these ceramic rocks that have to be washed individually. Anyway, our carpet is poop-free at the moment.

Now I need to face all those canvasses I prepped. I tried a new strategy at this show and carried scans of images that I intended to use on new works with me so I could ponder them and write my captions during slow times of the show. Which there were a lot of at this show unfortunately. It was actually a really good idea and I feel like I got a lot done plus I am very anxious to work with some of the photos now. Lots of studio time this week, hooray!

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  1. a fountain? i didn't know that! wonder which one is doing this. and how long it will last?


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