Monday, August 15, 2005

Frock fetish

We are heading off to Cincinnati in a few days to attend a wedding. Our Seattle friends, the folks we went to Hawaii with, this is their daughter's wedding. Since my family lives in Cincinnati, we will do a little catch up on the family front and spend a couple days with my brother's gang and then a couple days with Mom and Dad.

I have been plagued by what to wear to this wedding. I told my friend Claire, "you might not believe this, but I have nothing to wear." She said, "you're right, I don't believe that." And so it goes.

I started this quest many months ago. Lois (bride's step-mom) and I shopped in Hawaii but I tried to keep my focus on Lois (as any good friend would do) because the step-mom's role is important and crystal clear. She must look thinner, younger and more hip than the 1st wife. Naturally she will be dressed in more chic, cutting edge attire. 'Nuff said, I've been there, done that. Lois will look fantastic - she has been training like a maniac the last month and although we didn't find the right dress in Hawaii, I have kept up with her search via the internet, seen scans, color choices, shoe picks, etc. She will be understated yet gorgeous.

For me, the first dress popped up spontaneously when I was at the mall back in June. Walked by Express (of all places!) and saw a dress through the window. Dashed in to check it out, a green silk sundress, kind of bohemian yet kind of sexy, studded with very tasteful beading; a knee length sassy little number, I loved it! There was only was a size 2. Thought I would try it and low and behold it actually fit, meaning I got it zipped without breaking a sweat. But I was, hmmm, how to say this on a family blog, spilling over the top. It was on sale though and a SIZE 2 (I mean how often does that happen, like NEVER), plus I had been watching my weight and thought it might be fine if I lost a couple more pounds, plus did I mention it was a size 2? All you similarly minded fashionistas know what's coming next. I bought it.

In July we were up in Wisconsin at the art fair and I ate fried food. I felt fat and was convinced I would never be able to get in to the lovely silk dress. There was a rack of dresses on the sidewalk, on sale of course. I found a very cute one with a sort of a flamenco effect, longer in the back, shorter in the front; truly, it looks better than this description is making it sound. Plus it didn't hug my tummy and had draping in all the right places. Dress #2.

At the end of July I tried my silk dress on again and yes, it still zipped, but I had an honest talk with myself about the mono-boob factor which could not be ignored. Sadly, I returned it.

On Saturday I tried on dress #2 with my shoes, etc to see how it looks. I have lost my "art fair" weight and am feeling lean and mean. Actually I always feel pretty mean, but the leanness is new. The dress looked frumpy, what the hell was I thinking!??! I took a chance and asked John. He said it didn't make me look as thin as I really am. He should trademark that remark because it is simply brilliant.

Yesterday I went shopping, just going to dash in to Famous to use the coupon and pick up something acceptable. I grabbed the first dress I saw, my size, petite even, and tried it on. Adorable. Would match my black high heel sandals. It had been marked down about 47 times and, with the coupon, it was $18. Bought it.

But maybe there was something better? It's an illness I know, but I kept looking. Somehow I found myself in the shoe department and there was the most fantastic bronze shoe, just a perfect transitional sandal, very high heel yet still comfy. I suddenly was desperate to have a dress to go with this shoe.

Three hours and 4 dresses later, I drove home, exhausted. Did a fashion show for John. He liked the $18 dress a lot but ultimately settled on my very last pick of the day which was a sleek 2 piece coffee colored skirt and halter set. That was perfect with the bronze shoe. And the skirt was a size 2.

Now to find the right bra.

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  1. I like the outfits where you can skip the bra. i totally get this entry, in the sense I'd hate to be found on 'Go Fug Yourself'... rofl, because i didn't pick the right outfit.
    i only have this dilema once a year at the company christmas party though.
    model the outfit and shoes, please!!


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