Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Busy Bee

I have been immersed in new work. It feels good. The Flea Market got me cranked up and now the ideas are really buzzing in an invigorating way. I have so many new photos it is almost hard to know where to start. I decided to scan only a few at a time so I can work in batches. That seems to be going well and allows me a chance to get to know each piece a little better.

Plus I am playing around with writing my own captions rather than pulling them from vintage source material like I normally do. This is a slower process but allows me to be more expressive. I do have to spend more time with each image though thinking about what it is telling me if that makes any sense. But it’s fun! Now I am anxious to see how other people receive them, if they think the new works are funny. I think some of them are hilarious but I have sort of a weird sense of humor sometimes. Or at least that is what I am told.......hmmm......

And thanks to everyone who has inquired about my hip. It is feeling much better. I took a week off exercise to allow it to heal and also started wearing my orthotics again (in my workout shoes only, I hate to look like a total dork) because I have a feeling the whole issue may be coming from my foot. Yesterday was my first day back to exercise and I did a 30 minute walk (NO running) and it felt fine. I was slightly stiff later after sitting in the car, but otherwise ok. Plus went to Yoga and did a lot of good deep stretching. I have a massage appointment tomorrow which will help too. So I am taking it easy and trying to be smart.

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  1. I'd love to see a photo of your studio... you know, where all this wonderful stash you keep talking about is laying about!! :-D


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