Wednesday, August 24, 2005

On Fire

I have been working like I am on fire. Yesterday I got into a really nice groove and completely finished every single canvas I had prepped. I got the varnish onto the pieces from last week and painted the sides black. Everything is wired. My inventory looks quite nice for the show this weekend and I am getting excited now as I realize I've missed doing shows during this "off" period.

I ran out to get some more black paint yesterday, this was maybe 5:30 pm; I had this glorious full day stint in my studio, jumped out of bed and went down there right away, so I didn't even shower until perhaps 4:30 or 5. But anyway, I was driving home and saw that there is now a 2nd Hummer living in our neighborhood!??! I knew there was one because it lives right by us and I see it all the time; an enormous red beast. So now there is a yellow one too. Wonder how they are enjoying these gas prices. And how on earth they park them! Also saw a bunch of deer when I was coming home; a couple mothers with their young. They are so completely adorable. We had a fawn in our yard last week and it was so cute to watch, still a bit uncertain on it's wobbly legs.

We are having some decently cool weather which is a lovely change. I hope it holds for this weekend, that would be super. It is very nice for walking. Seems like it is getting darker earlier than I remember but John pointed out that San Francisco is farther north and it happens later there so I guess that is what I recall. Anyway, I am not quite ready for that. I don't mind the winter really, in fact I kind of enjoy going into a hibernation mode because I get a lot done during those times. But it seems awfully early. I only mention this because I wanted to walk to the ice cream place last night but it was already fairly dark by the time we finished dinner :-( Isn't that sad?

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  1. well, if you're gonna have ice cream... walking for it seems perfect! mahn! you got a lot done.


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