Wednesday, August 17, 2005

New Works

Here are some of my new works. I love the image with the dog that I used in the collage on the top left. It cracks me up that these guys apparently went in to have their portrait made and took their dog. Gotta wonder what they were thinking.

I finally took a batch of canvasses over to my photographer the other day and he took these great shots. You should check out his website.

It has been a crazy week but I guess nothing is new with that. The good news is I am getting a lot done. We ended up delaying our trip to Cincinnati because I have been so busy and there was a chance my brain would explode if we left too early and I feel sure John didn't want to deal with that in the car. I needed to get more work done before I could leave without being plagued by feelings of neglect. I had this vision we would travel 400 miles then basically be sitting around watching my brother work on his paving project. That would have driven me crazy (short trip) because I would have been thinking of everything I could have been doing if I was in the studio. We are leaving tomorrow morning for real. I will have to say I am not overly enthused about the trip. I am feeling pulled in too many directions by various family members; my family tends to do this to me or better said, I allow them to do this to me. I know they all love me but to manipulate with guilt is just not good.

Lots of office stuff nagging at me this week and I have finished much of it. I am going to try to do some computer stuff in the car and hopefully organize my thoughts a bit so I feel a little more settled by the time we get back home. You see, in addition to building inventory, I need to simultaneously plan the "winter" season of shows. This will be Florida mainly. Then early Spring possibly in Texas and Tennessee. But I need to research the specifics of available shows and make some sort of hopefully intelligent decision as to which ones to enter. Plus all these extra shows means a bunch more slides which I ordered last night to include the new art plus a fresh booth photo. When I get back I need to tackle the applications because many are due by mid Sept. I also have couple local shows I want to enter and those apps are due the first week of Sept. This may sound like no big deal but you cannot imagine how long it takes to do them. Every single show has different requirements; there is no "industry standard" in the art biz. So you have to carefully read the app then follow the instructions to the dot lower left of the slide or was that the upper right, etc, etc. I can only do a couple apps a day or I get stupid. It averages up to an hour for each one.

I had a great time last night visiting a (kind of) new friend and touring her adorable house. It was just what I needed to brighten an otherwise crappy week; a little wine and lots of laughter. So thanks R, you know who you are.

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  1. have a safe trip.
    wine and laughing!! that sounds like what i need.
    you've been super busy! as long as it keeps a person sane, right?! :-D


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