Friday, August 26, 2005

You look pretty vicious to me

What a day it was. We arrived about noon to begin our setup. This is a tent within a tent deal where there are these huge tents and then the artists set up their tents underneath them. It is kind of cool really because there are ceiling fans and the large tent helps keep the sun (and in this instance) rain off the patrons. We had unloaded our tent and had it about half set up when John said he was hungry and asked if I would go get him some of the free lunch they were serving to artists. It was a short walk and I got over there to find just one hot dog left which I grabbed immediately along with a bag of Fritos and a couple cookies. The rain started as I was filling my plate and the staff was clearing the food as quickly as I could grab it. I covered everything with a second paper plate and the sky simply opened up. Unbelievable torrential downpour. I ran back to the tent and was pretty much drenched. John ate the measly little hotdog, I had most of the Fritos and we called it lunch.

We continued our set up and I really had to question our sanity at one point as I was holding the metal legs of the tent with visible lightning all around me. Yikes. Then John setting up the lights and checking our electricity with all this standing water everywhere. Good grief, I spent way too many years in insurance claims to be party to this!

Anyway, we finished about 3 and were both totally wet and filthy dirty. I was so grateful we had a hotel to check in to so we could clean up before the Preview Party. John's athletic shoes were trashed, his socks were black with dirt. I had worn my Chaco sandals and they are made for water, so they were fine but dirty and my hair was a mess. I suggested that we go get a pair of sandals for John to wear since there was so much water everywhere it seemed the only logical solution. Now keep in mind that in 13 years of marriage I have never been able to get this man to wear sandals. We found a pair of Nike slip on pool sandals that were on sale; perfect. John saw the logic of my choice and let me buy them. We came back to the room, he showered and put on his new sandals. And he has ALBINO feet. I swear to God I don't think his feet have ever seen the light of day before. I couldn't help but cracking up which I honestly don't think he appreciated. I feel so sure his feet were happy to get out.

We went back to the show about 6 and snarfed appetizers from some of the food vendors then had a little of the dinner that had been provided for the artists. At some point during the evening there were 2 guys standing outside my booth looking at all the art. They were there for quite some time, to the point I said, "it's ok, you are welcome to come in, I won't bite". And the one guy looks right at me and says "You look pretty vicious to me." wink, wink. Hahahahahaha, nervous laughter from me. Later on when our friends John and Darryl showed up, we went over to visit another artist friend of theirs and the guy was in that booth. He instantly recognized me and looked at John and said, "Oh, be careful, she's vicious, she bites..." John didn't even blink an eye and said, "oh, but not that hard."

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  1. does the rain follow you?
    what a set up!!
    e. won't wear sandals to save his life.


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