Tuesday, November 15, 2005

All Aboard

Tomorrow is John's birthday, he is turning 60 believe it or not. Doesn't seem like it, yeesh, he isn't getting older, just better. And we are heading out of town to celebrate. We have had a lot of trips this year including Hawaii in May, so I just wanted to surprise him with a little get away. In usual MB fashion, I considered all sorts of wide ranging options from Santa Fe to San Francisco, but it seemed like the trip was turning in to what I wanted to do rather than what John would want. Plus I knew it was getting out of control when I actually considered a weekend in London. I ultimately decided to ask John what he wanted to do and he stunned me by saying he wanted to go to Memphis.

Hmmm, Memphis wasn't really on my radar. That would mean Graceland, blues and bar-b-que. Actually the kitsch of it all pleased me very much. With a little guidance from the recent NY Times article, I set it up. And I think it will be great fun.

We are heading out today. So Happy Birthday a day early sweetie. You know I couldn't do anything without you.......you are my rock and my foundation.....a wonderful dad, an inspired grandfather and absolutely the best husband I could have ever dreamed up.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Its sweet that you are still so in love!


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