Friday, November 04, 2005

Body and Soul

The show opened earlier this week but the reception was tonight and it was quite well attended. Thank goodness we had great weather because the crowd spilled out onto the sidewalk. I knew a surprising number of people and am continually amazed at all the folks I have met in our 2 years here.

I was pleased with how the show was hung. That is my friend Marlene's piece to the right of mine.

John and I grabbed some Thai food before the show and had that terrific coconut milk/lemongrass comfort soup that I require when my throat is bothering me. Once at the show we hung out with some friends (thanks for coming Peggy and Neil!). It was nice all around. But I am tired and feel a little bit like I am fighting off something, maybe just sinus, who knows. Thanks Claire for this picture (which was taken Monday when there were no people around).

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