Monday, November 28, 2005

Indulging in Moderation

I need to remember this one every day. Courtesy of
November 28, 2005
Cancer Daily Horoscope
Food, drink, laughter, exercise, or love may be on your mind today, as you could be feeling a strong desire to indulge your physical senses. Your enjoyment can be more meaningful and intense if you make the choice to practice moderation. If you choose not to indulge excessively today, you can experience the pleasure and delight inherent in satisfying your cravings without any unpleasant effects. You may also want to find creative outlets that can inspire or excite you such as dancing, singing, cooking, or drawing. If there is a restaurant or dance class you've been meaning to try, today can be a great day to do so. When we practice moderation, we can fully savor what we love without fear of overindulgence or eventual boredom. When we do what we love to the point of fulfillment, we can't help want but to do more. We also don't fill ourselves beyond our thresholds. There can always be room for more later, and sometimes that means not filling yourself to overflowing. Too much of anything good can sometimes be bad for you. Even doing what we love can become tedious or tiring if we do too much of it. By indulging yourself through moderation today, you will be able to take pleasure in all of your activities and leave space for more later.

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