Thursday, November 03, 2005

Horse Crazed

I went on another horse venture this past Saturday, a trail ride. It was beyond fun.

I really love those horses, they are amazing creatures. The more I am around them the more I like them. I am moving into a little bit of a comfort zone, like I led Rosie back into her stall, actually walked with her where I was on the ground, holding her rope, etc. I know that seems so basic but I've never spent enough time around horses to feel at ease before.

We rode for an hour or so. When we finished and I was back on the ground, Rosie nudged me with her head, practically knocking me over, sweetly acknowledging the experience we had together, girl to girl bonding. Bud said she was just scratching her nose and maybe so, but it felt like an expression of affection to me, similar to a head butt from a cat. And the way the horses deal with each other is so cool and unexpected. For instance, after the ride, we had the horses tied on opposite sides of the trailer. Bud loaded his horse onto the trailer first and Rosie just went crazy. It was very obvious she was afraid we would forget to put her in the trailer, that we might accidentally leave her at the park. Another example...Bud has 3 horses and only 2 of them got to go on the ride. When we arrived back at the house, the "left at home" horse was in the pasture and she ran along the driveway neighing her head off. It cracked me up, the way she galloped beside the vehicle clearly trying to say something.......perhaps give us shit for leaving her behind, maybe just talking to her buddies, who knows.

Every little thing that happens is new for me, but I am especially fascinated with how the horses act and interact. I am definitely enthralled by the whole scene. With the possible exception of that bruised feeling between my legs........or is that too much information?

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